ideas and events for employee health breaks in 2023 at work

Need New Refreshing Ideas & Events for Engaging Your Workplace Wellness Options in 2023?


Are you getting over doing happy hours as the go-to group event?  

Ditch the booze.


It’s time to refresh ourselves as new years bring new opportunities and renewed energies ....especially towards healthier-living goals.


Chances are most everyone you know will consider a goal towards their own quality-of-life and longevity heading into 2023.


So there’s no time more perfect to align your people with your company's health and wellness events. 


Get in sync by adding ideas and events that can be enjoyed by everyone, make them feel good and provide them opportunities to succeed in being healthier.  


So here’s 3 new, simple and affordable group ideas to enhance your own employee health programs:


1.  Create a Quiet Room Locale

A place people can sit, lay down, breathe and/or meditate in silence.

quiet room at work for health break ideas in 2023

- Stress is always going to be present at work.  That’s ok, but managing stress helps prevent burnout …the true killer of productivity and a positive company culture.

- An easily accessible space where everyone can take a moment, is a powerful health ally in-office or at-home.


Deck it out.

- Soft yoga mats

- Big comfy, shaggy rug

- Light, simple colors

- Dim the lights a bit

- Add privacy screens, window shades or blinds


Offer employees an app subscription to Calm or Headspace.

- The 2 most renowned corporate meditation apps today.  And rightfully so. 

- Both have a vast library of variable time-lengths and themes to match what you want (like breathing, stress relief or empowerment mantras).


Add wireless headphones to the quiet room.

- Connect them to the apps above, binaural beats or nature sounds.


group meditation silent headphones event and room for health break and stress reduction


2.  Add a Live Group Stretch Break via Add Health

Yeah I'm biased on this one but come on!  Look at the list below and tell me this is not one of the best ideas to get people active and feeling good.


Briefly outlined, these breaks are:


- Quick: 10 minutes (a small time ask of people and easy to schedule)

- Live: more authentic and engaging

- Healthy: a stress reducer   - improve ergonomic issues   - a break to stand, breathe, stretch and end with a moment of gratitude

- Popular: people feel good fast

- Easy-to-do: no complicated moves and options provided for all capabilities

- Virtually hosted: include both at-home and at-work employees

- Affordable: a group event for everyone, for less than $240


Add an interactive stretch to start or take a break at a meeting (start of the new year, end of month, quarter, etc.).

Live Group Stretch Break Events are ideas to engage employees to be more active and healthy together at work


3.  Normalize Going Outside, Walking and Walking Groups

Ok how often do you think about how you should get up and go for a walk, then next thing you know the day is over and so are your plans of walking?


Group walks are ideal for nearly all employees, here's why:  


- The physical barrier is low.

- Being outside increases feel good hormones like serotonin via vitamin D absorption. 

- Physically leaving the work space, allows for both a physical and mental break. 

- All exercise is generally shown to reenergize individuals, making them more alert, focused and job capable.  


Lunchtime or the 3PM slump are great times to schedule one.  


Furthermore, encourage 1-on-1 meetings to be walk friendly, when applicable. 



lOne other major note to you Wellness Champions:



- When management models participation, other employees are much more likely to feel comfortable participating themselves. 



What workplace wellness perks will stand out to help your people and culture this year?

-Sean Nichols