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Outdoor Personal Training

Health accountability with coached exercise and fresh air.

These are sessions individualy designed and trained for you .


What you can expect:

30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.

Coaches begin each session checking in with the client, about how they're specifically feeling each day prior to beginning.

Safety is always the number 1 concern.  This is not cross-fit, we train smart and safe to remove injury, not cause it.


The Outdoor Space:

All equipment necessary is provided.  However a yoga mat that can get a little dirty is a great addition.

Prepare for some sun exposure.  



What you tell us you want, is what we design and do for you.

You want to burn fat fast, done. 

Build a butt, can do. 

Feel less stiffness or pain in your neck, knees, shoulders, etc....that's the sort of thing we do best.  



We begin with a complimentary 20 minute connect call.  This call is really to learn about you and begin identifying some initial healthy action planning.

Questions in our intro connect call are:

What your exercise past and current is?

Do you have any injuries or limitations we should be made aware of?

What are your goals (short-term, long-term)?

Then we find the times, days and durations that fit availability.


Get outside while getting back in shape today.

Contact Us to take next steps for your health.



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Size: Single Session (30 Min)

  • Single Session (30 Min)
  • 10 Sessions (30 Min)
  • 20 Sessions (30 Min)
  • Single Session (45 Min)
  • 10 Sessions (45 Min)
  • 20 Sessions (45 Min)
  • Single Session (60 Min)
  • 10 Sessions (60 Min)
  • 20 Sessions (60 Min)
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