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Functional Exercise Class

Our functional exercise classes include any person regardless fitness level or experience.  

Excessive sitting, computer work and stress are ultra common in our days now, so we offer training in ways to counteract our bad habits.  This includes putting emphasis in training the back, core and leg muscles for improved mobility and strength. 


What you can expect:

- Classes are 50 minutes in length and live.


- Coaches log on a minimum of 2 minutes early for each class and start each class by asking if there are any current injuries or limitations to participants we should be made aware of before beginning. 

If/when there are any injured or limited participants, coaches will always offer movement options when applicable.  


- Classes are follow-along, with the instructor actively modeling and timing each exercise. 


- Clear guidance is provided to participants both visually and verbally including proper form, breathing and identifying targeted areas from movement to movement. 


- We love to add elements of balancing, stretching, strengthening (especially back and core) + positivity within each class's atmosphere. 


What we expect of participants:

- Each participant to have at least 2 dumbbells and 1 exercise mat. 


- Each participate chooses whether to have a screen on or off.


Add a single class or create a routine of weekly classes.

Empowering people to move and feel great again

...this is what Add Health is all about!  



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