Weekly Drop-In Stretch Breaks


Welcome to our easiest way to schedule and most affordable option.

Every week we lead 2, live 10 minute group stretch breaks on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

@11:45am and 1:45pm PT.

Individuals + Groups all participate globally together.

You get a guided health break to feel good. It's simple but powerful.

We stand up, focus on breathe, move, stretch and finish with a moment of gratitude.

No thinking necessary.

A quick solution to add the breaks you know you need but aren't getting enough of.

To see all our options, just click the 'Enroll Today' button. ⬇️

Add Stretch Breaks to Your Weekly Schedule Today.

Each Tuesday @ 11:45am and

& Thursday @ 11:45am and
1:45pm PT

Ready to add stretch breaks into your work week?

Satisfying, short health breaks when you need them most, the middle of busy days.

These are live lead times to stand up, breathe, move and feel good period.

Breaks Benefit:

  • Better Posture, Mobility and Balance
  • Less Stress, Pains and Tension
  • Energy and Focus

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