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Stand and Stretch Breaks (Corporate, Conferences & Special Events)

A refreshingly short, group event without alcohol or sugar.

Start a monthly employee team meeting or special event with 10minutes of standing, moving and breathing together.


Sitting is the new smoking. 

We know we need to stand up and take breaks to help stay healthy, but too often get busy or forget.  


Add that health break into your peoples schedule. 

We recommend introducing our sessions as a starter or mid-way break for a meeting or event.


Our breaks briefly outlined are:

Quick, 10-minutes

Improving posture and ergonomic pains

Teaching stress management skills

Easy-to-do (designed for all capabilities)

Live (authentic and engaging)

Via Zoom (Western US in-person possible)

What you can expect:

Each session begins standing, adds breath work, then guides full body movements and concludes with a brief moment of gratitude.

Movements are a blend of mobility, flexibility and balance exercises.


Participant need to knows:

They need enough space to take 1 step in all directions around them.

Screen on or off is their choice. 


*Limit 1,000 ppl.  Contact Us for larger groups.

*In-person capable, rates vary

Stretch Breaks Options: Single Stretch Break

  • Single Stretch Break
  • 10 Stretch Breaks Package
  • 1 Month Options

Stretch Breaks Plan: 1x per week

  • 1x per week
  • 2x's per week
  • 3x's per week
  • 4x's per week
  • 5x's per week
  • 10x's per week

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Way to Re-Focus

Sure, anyone can do stretch breaks on their own, but many times it's difficult to get going and break away from work. I found that Sean's stretch breaks really helped to establish a cadence and re-focus throughout the day which left me feeling more energetic at the end of the day.

Nancy Gard
Healthier and Happier!

Sean first helped me years ago with lower back pain I was having and my lack of upper body strength. More recently I’ve started to join Sean’s daily/ weekly stretch breaks and I’ve noticed such an improvement in my body stiffness, especially my neck and shoulders. Thanks Sean!

Great for remote teams!

Sean did a great job leading our remote team through multiple stretch breaks. He has a way of making it very comfortable, and it was a great way to give our team a collective break in a remote setting. I felt great throughout the rest of the day each time - so important to stretch, take a breath and drink some water! We will definitely book again in the future.

Amazing team activity

I booked two stretch breaks for my team during our annual Wellness Challenge. They were perfect for the group because they were quick, easy, but still really effective. Those that participated raved about how rejuvenating the sessions were and how great they felt walking out of them. It was a nice break from endless meetings. Highly recommend!

Great workday break!

This stretch break was a great recess from my busy workday. It was easy to follow along and super fun to do with the team! I really enjoyed the neck and shoulder mobility we did, staring at a screen all day is taking its toll on me and sometimes it’s hard to remember to get up and move on my own. Thank you Add Health, what a positive addition to my workday!

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