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Employee Yoga Classes

Our company-specific, employee yoga classes are designed to fit any and all levels of experience, from first timer to bona fide yogi. 

This is a favorite hybrid work option where we can go onsite and stream, or just stream from our Add Health studio.


With workers often feeling stress, we love to put extra attention to reopening and moving common areas of tension like the neck, shoulders, low back and hips.  

Our instructors are great communicators and actively guide, model and cue their classes bringing structure, safety and adding to the employee experience.

Yoga's combination of breath work, stretches, balance, and strength exercises helps us all achieve better health.


What you can expect:

50 minutes in length.  

Class options of vinyasa flow or yin.

Professionally certified, engaging yoga instructors.  

Instructors teach with a number 1 goal of maintaining safety for all participants.


Add a single class for a wellness week.

Or create a routine of weekly classes.

A time and place where your people can go for stress relief and still meet their exercise needs.  

Contact Us to discuss further.



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