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“As ‘stable jobs’ are giving way to increasingly virtual and ‘free agent’ workforce, health and wellness options must shift to being more effective within these changes.”

-The Global Wellness Institute (GWI)

Ergonomic Pain, Injuries & Workers Comp.

* Ergonomic injuries account for 33% of all workers’ compensation costs. (ErgonomicInjuryStatistics, 2022)

* Neck and low back pain are common in office workers. One-year prevalence rates for neck and low back pain among office workers have been shown to range from 42% to 69%. (JournalofBack, 2018)

* Moreover, 27% of office workers who report a new onset of neck and low back pain report that these pain problems become chronic, respectively. (OccupHealth, 2016)

* Neck pain affects females more than males. (ErgonomicInjuryStatistics, 2022)

Stretching, Pain Management, Micro-Breaks & Productivity

* People who took slightly longer microbreaks (3-10min) tended to have lower heart rates, suggesting that they had calmed them down. Their work also didn’t require as much correcting(BBC, 2019)

* Small bouts of stretching like this have been shown to increase blood flow to the muscle and cartilage, helping to increase the delivery of nutrients to the muscle, and reduce muscular pain. (AIIRJ, 2019)

* A study found stretching five times per week for six weeks showed an increase in range of motion up to 2.4 degrees per week in each muscle group. Importantly, the participants stretched only for a duration of 15, 30, and 60 seconds. (PhysicalTherapyandRehabilitationJournal, 2011)

* After decades of research, the microbreak has proven effective.. There are now mountains of evidence to suggest that they can be beneficial – reducing stresskeeping workers engaged and making work more enjoyable. (NationalLibraryofMedicine 2011) (JournalofAppliedPsychology, 2018)

Employee Satisfaction at a Premium

* A 2021 survey found that nearly 80% of workers believed their company's wellbeing programs helped them be as productive as possible, and also believed these programs helped them avoid getting sick. (John Elflein, 2021)

* Employee morale is named as the most improved metric at 55% from implementation of any health and wellness plan (Hub International, 2017)

* 49% of employees report that company provided health training has helped them the most to manage stress (Udemy, 2017)

Employers Exceptional Return on Investment

* A meta-analysis of studies has shown that for each dollar spent on a wellness program, the company saves $3.27 on average, due most in part to decreased healthcare costs. (Aldana, 2022)

* This study found for every dollar spent on wellness programs the company saves $5.82 in lower employee absenteeism costs. (ISDH)

* Companies with an employee engagement program benefit with 233% higher customer loyalty. (Aberdeen Group, 2015)

Leadership Leading

* Greater than 9 in 10 workers report feeling more motivated at work if their leaders support well-being efforts. (APA, 2016)

* More than 85% of employees are expecting supportive employers in achieving quality work-life balance. (PR Newswire, 2017)

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