Live Group Stretch Breaks

Leading 10 minute Live, Group Stretch Breaks is Our Specialty.


Our breaks briefly outlined are:

10min Long  (a short time ask of a group)

Virtually Coached  (by positive, personable, lovable coaches)

Live (more authentic and engaging)

Done Standing  (at desk, remote + onsite capable)

Easy-To-Do  (everyone can participate, easy moves with options)

A Set Time for people to Stand Up, Breathe, Move & Stretch Together

Reducing Stress

Improving Ergonomic Issues  (ergonomic injuries account for 33% of all workers compensation costs ErgonomicInjuryStatistics, 2022) 
A Popular, Positive Event  (employees leave feeling better)

Affordable  (less than $250 for a group event)


Start or take a break at a work meeting with a stand and stretch.
(end of year, beginning, monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Or just add a break into a busy work day to refresh your people.

"After decades of research, the microbreak has proven effective.. There are now mountains of evidence to suggest that they can be beneficial at reducing stress, keeping workers engaged and making work more enjoyable."


"Small bouts of stretching like this have been shown to increase blood flow to the muscle and cartilage, helping to increase the delivery of nutrients to the muscle and reduce muscular pain."

These are a time and place for teams to take the short health break we know we all need, but often don't get around to.


What you can expect:

Sessions begin with a focus on breath, then add movement, stretching and conclude with a brief moment of gratitude.

Our movements incorporate elements of balance, mobility, flexibility and positivity.

Stretch breaks are follow-along, with the instructor actively modeling, verbally queuing and guiding the break. 
    employee stretch breaks at work wellness ideas


    What we expect from our stretchers:

    They can take 1 step in any direction (front, back, sides).

    Each participant can choose to have their screen on or off.
      group stretch breaks at work for affordable health and wellness ideas for employee benefits


      *Limit 1,000 ppl.  Contact Us for larger groups and rates.

      *A recording of each live stretch break can be had at an additional cost of $1,029 per session.  


      *Session dates and times can be booked in advance further below on this page, just click the blue "Book a Stretch Break" button.


      Our Stretch Breaks:

      Reduce Stress

      Help Relieve Ergonomic Pains

      Increase Focus & Mood

      Improve Physical & Mental Health

      Boost Company Culture


        Add a stretch break to help you and your team thrive at work today!



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