Hey Folks,

Here’s one of my favorite quick, easy + healthy recipes I make a batch of and have for about 3-4 additional meals.



- 1 lb lean grass fed Beef or Bison (I usually do 90% or higher)

- 2 bags of organic Broccoli Slaw

- 1/2 a large organic Onion


- Kinders Wood Fire Smoked BBQ! 

- Ground Pepper

- Tapatio Hot Sauce (optional)


Optional Add Ins:

- Mushrooms

- Brocoli

- Cabbage

- Garlic

- Zucchini/ Squash


Start by adding a few tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Large Pot/Pan and throw all the veggies in and most of seasonings (leave a little for the meat).


Let the veggies cook for 6-8 min with pot top on, turning once.


Then add the meat and with a separate spoon or fork mush it up.  Flattening it and spreading it out.  Add a bit more seasoning mix.  Put the top back on.


Let it cook for 5 min.

Then turn it and keep chopping up the meat finely.


Once the meat looks thoroughly cooked through, you are done! 

Serve it up n a bowl and put the rest in tupperware so you’re not tempted to go back for seconds 😉