grow your own healthy sprouted seeds to eat at home for a wellness event idea

Are you looking for a way to grow healthy food at home?

- How about quickly, like 7 days time.

- What if the plant was super nutritious?!

- Plus you don’t have to touch any dirt.


There’s so many reasons why growing Sprouts at home is an exceptional idea.

- Do this with the kids

- Save money by growing your own $$


We’ll show you our own 1 week batch from seeds to sprouts and explain the easy steps below.


Here’s what you’ll need:

sprout seed packages to begin growing at home

- A Mason Jar

- A special Mason Jar Lid or cover for the top

- A Package of Sprout Seeds

- Filtered Water

Let’s start with those special mason jar lids.

I prefer the premade screen tops here for ease. 

2 lids, $9 Sprouting Lids

mason jar lids for growing healthy sprouts at home

However, you can also make your own at home with some mesh wire and a rubber band, zip-tie or metal circular clamp.


Then the seed mix.

If we’re going for the healthiest option…the Antioxidant Mix from Food to Live is my top choice.

- It’s organic

- Made of Broccoli, Clover and Alfalfa seeds

- This $21 bag has lasted me 1 year Sprout Seed Mix

Otherwise there are lots of great options available.


Ok our process, day-by-day.

Day 1:

- Put 1 tablespoon of seed mix into the mason jar.

- Put the lid on.

- Pour filtered water about halfway full.

- Place the jar in a cool, dark location for the next 12 - 16 hrs.

how to grow healthy sprouts to eat at homefiltered water to grow your own healthy sprouts to eat at home


Day 2: 

- Dump the water and flush once with filtered water.

- Empty all water out of the jar.

- Roll the jar around a bit, sticking seeds to its side.

- Replace jar in cool, dark location for 24 hrs.

day 2 of growing healthy sprouts to eat at home*There’s first bits of germination happening!


Day 3: 

- Repeat day 2

day 3 sprouting healthy seeds to eat at home*The growth continues.


Day 4:  

- Repeat day 2

- However, seeds will not stick as well now.  That’s ok!

- Keep the jar lid-side facing down now.

- Now store in a cool area but with a little more sunlight exposure.

*Green arrives!

greening sprouts begin to appearday 4 growing healthy sprouts are getting green leaves


Day 5:

- Flush and reset in cool, brighter area.

- It’s worth noting in warmer times of the year, sprouts can be done growing in 5 days time.

- During colder parts of the year, it may be 7 - 8 days before sprouts are ready for harvesting.

- Continue to repeat day 4 until sprouts appear full grown.

day 5 growing healthy sprouts to eat at homefully grown healthy sprouts to eat at home

*Our Sprouts are here!


Now it’s time to harvest and refrigerate them! 

- Get a strainer and put your sprouts in and wash away remaining unsprouted seeds.  (It’s common to have a bunch left… this is just extra health.)


- Then grab a tupperware container and add a single paper towel sheet to the bottom.

- Place sprouts on top of the paper towel and refrigerate.

preparing to refrigerate home grown healthy sprouts to eatfinished growing healthy sprouts at home to eat

Sprouts are best eaten raw, nutritionally speaking.  They are a great addition to salads and sandwiches.  


*IMPORTANT NOTE*:  Sprouts can go bad quick.  

They start to smell bad when they do plus get real soft and mushy.  

Throw them out when they’ve gone bad.


This 9 min video on Youtube has an easy step-by-step to refer back to:



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