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Presenting Group Stretch Breaks at Santa Cruz Works New Tech Event


Add Health Today

See a live presentation at the Santa Cruz Works New Tech on November 2, 2022. Get you tickets now!



Interview: Sean Nichols / CEO of Add Health Today

SCW: What problem in the world sparked Add Health Today (“AHT”)?

Sean: A number of factors sparked Add Health.  First and foremost, the pandemic brought virtual exercise to immediate stardom where it had previously struggled.  

Burnout and mental health assistance also became more important points of focus for companies and employees during this period.  

And keeping good employees is harder today with high job demand, especially here in the Bay Area.  

SCW: Does this resonate with your background as a fitness coach?

Sean: Absolutely. As a fitness and health coach, it’s most often the accountability I provide clients (being a time and place for their exercise) that’s the foundation of our success.

Often in our daily jobs, we are all super busy and forget or neglect to give ourselves the health breaks we know we need.  I came up with the idea to shorten the time ask but keep the exercise via our live stretch breaks.  People are more engaged and accountable with live sessions.

Our stretch breaks are a perfect fit to address all the factors above as an easy-to-do, affordable, workplace wellness solution.

The stretch breaks are fast ways for people to get that health break back into their day.  We help redirect their focus to their breath, moving their bodies and reinvigorating their own energy, drive and focus in the process.  

And we do this all in 10 minutes time, at their work space, in their current attire, by just clicking on with us and following along.  

SCW: What are some of the key values of stretching?

Sean: Stretching, moving and breathing help people to:

- Manage mental stress

- Improve physical pain

- Increase mobility, balance and flexibility

- Boost mood

- & Restore focus

… and energy is contagious.  When you feel good, it’s that much easier for those in contact with you to feel good too!  

Simply put, our stretch breaks help employees feel better fast and boost company culture and productivity.

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