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office snake plant as an affordable, easy wellness idea at work

1. Add a Plant/s to Your Office Spaces

Plants are notorious easy fixes to liven up a workspace. They offer color, life, produce fresh oxygen and even flowers. Better yet, plants are scientifically proven to be therapeutic, improve mood, sharpen attention and increase work satisfaction.

Just check out these two studies:

●  Researchers interviewed over 440 Amazon employees in India and the United States. They found that those whose office environment included natural elements like indoor plants felt greater job satisfaction and more commitment to the organization than those who didn’t work around natural elements.



Researchers said the natural elements helped to buffer the effects of job stress and anxiety. (PLoS One, 2016)




● Research done at Washington State University had scientists make workers finish timed computer tasks in rooms with and without plants.

In the rooms with plants, participants were found to be more productive, less stressed and had lower blood pressure. (WSU, 2010)


Our favorite low maintenance, indoor plant options that do not require any direct sunlight and only need some water every few weeks, are:

    ●  Peace Lilies
    ●  Spider Plants
    ●  Snake Plants


    2.  Post Healthy Hack Tip

    healthy wellbeing tip posted in office

    People are constantly in a state of examining what’s around and in front of them.  Give their eyes and minds a Healthy Hack Tip.  Often small, digestible and especially Unique information is more sticky for our minds.  Our example below is unique because very rarely is it discussed within the subject of good breathing technique.  

    Here’s a couple high visibility spots to post a tip + an example tip you can use to trigger simple, healthy action amongst your team: 

    ● Post a health tip in your email signoff

    ● Communal locations are ideal, especially areas that are health promoting already (bathroom hand wash stations, filtered water station, kitchen/eating spaces)


    ● Example:  Try to Breathe out all the air from your lungs.  Doing this expels less oxygenated residual air and replenishes the body with more oxygen rich air.  You’re also contracting your abs to do this, helping strengthen your core.breathe air out for stress relief ideas at work


    3.  Order Chipotle for Catering

    Chipotle is a favorite recommendation of ours.  They’re fast food done right.  They use real foods as ingredients, are sustainably sourced, affordable, and maybe most importantly are super accessible.


    Always knowing of a quick, cheap and healthy meal option close by is a huge skill that everyone can utilize when it comes to that daily decision of what to order.

    Variety in vegetarian options, lean proteins plus the family style catering are needed with any groups. And the catering is easy to order online. Chipotle is the food cheat code for event specialists, keeping costs low, having options for all and totally reliable.

    Chipotle-catering-for-healthy-affordable-workplace-team-meetings-event-ideas.jpgChipotle catering health and affordable workplace team meetings and events ideas


    Speaking of cheap and easy wellness ideas, try out our signature service, Live Team 10min Stretch Breaks.

    A virtually hosted time for people to stand up, take a short health break they need, move, breathe and feel good together.

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