New Scheduled Employee Stretch Breaks Program is Launched

Dynamic Stand and Stretch Corporate Health and Wellness Service Begins.

scheduled employee wellness stand and stretch breaks begin

Add Health Launches Online Live Group Stretch Breaks Offering HR and Corporate Wellness Managers a Highly Effective and Affordable New Employment Engagement Program

Through the month of September, Add Health will be offering complimentary live stretch breaks online that provide stress management and easy access to a healthier lifestyle. The new wellness program, ideal for corporate health managers seeking to improve the health and wellness for remote and on-site workers, officially launches September 5.

Campbell, CA - August 29th, 2023 – HR teams seeking to improve engagement with both remote and on-site employees, while increasing productivity and focus at work, have a new corporate wellness program option with the launch of Add Health’s innovative online weekly drop-in stretch breaks. With clients that have included Intuit, Medtronic, Plaid and Google, Add Health’s Live Group Stretch Breaks are an affordable way to improve employee mental and physical health in just 10 minutes. From hip flexor stretches to learning new ways to reduce neck and shoulder tension, Add Health’s stretch program adds positivity and vitality to employees’ lives – and can reduce the likelihood of injury from being sedentary.

Studies and research show ergonomic injuries account for 33% of all workers’ compensation costs, while neck and low back pain among office workers have been shown to range between 42% and 69%. Approximately 27% of office workers who report a new onset of neck and low back pain report these pain problems become chronic.


Add Health’s CEO & Founder Sean Nichols is a workplace wellness expert who believes in providing a support system that people trust and allows them to keep active for optimal physical and mental health. With nearly two decades of experience in health and wellness, he has a deep understanding of workplace wellness after being a personal trainer, group fitness coach, and consultant for major corporate clients in the Bay Area. 

As Nichols states, “Corporate Wellness and HR Managers seeking a new way to engage sedentary employees to keep them healthier and more productive will find our new drop-in Live, Group Stretch Breaks highly effective. Most people do not move enough and everyone feels time constrained. Add Health eliminates these two pain points with our fun and brief 10-minute sessions. It is an exciting and cost-effective addition to any corporate wellness program, when included in employee benefits, that supports better mental and physical health, and has the potential to reduce sick days and chronic illness. There is a substantial amount of scientific evidence supporting the fact that people who take microbreaks are healthier and more productive. They tend to have lower heart rates, increased blood flow, reduced muscular pain, and an increased range of motion.”


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