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Short Health Breaks are the Future of Work 

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Today 'micro' health breaks that are supported by leadership are gaining traction as an important aspect of the future of work.

When leadership helps to participate in their company health benefits, employees feel more confident that taking the time for their own health is indeed a safe, supported option at work.  

Here are some insights on how short health breaks, backed by leadership, contribute to the future of work:


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Employee Well-being:

Short health breaks, such as encouraging employees to take quick breaks to stretch, meditate, or engage in physical activity, promote overall employee well-being. When employees are supported by their leaders to prioritize their health, it fosters a positive work environment and helps reduce stress and burnout.  (Wiley, 2023)


Increased Productivity:

Studies have shown that taking short, regular breaks can enhance productivity and focus. When employees are encouraged to step away from their work for a few minutes, they return with renewed energy and a clearer mindset, leading to improved performance.  (HarvardBusinessReview, 2023)


Mental Health Support:

The future of work recognizes the importance of mental health in the workplace. Providing opportunities for short health breaks sends a message that mental well-being is valued, and it helps reduce the stigma around mental health issues.  (NationalLibraryofMedicine, 2022)

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Work-Life Balance:

Encouraging short health breaks contributes to a healthier work-life balance. Allowing employees to take brief moments for self-care throughout the day helps them manage their stress levels and maintains a sense of equilibrium between their personal and professional lives.


Employee Engagement and Retention:

Companies that prioritize employee well-being are more likely to attract and retain top talent. When employees feel supported and cared for by their leadership, they are more engaged and committed to the organization's success.


Creativity and Innovation:corporate innovation at work health breaks

Taking breaks has been linked to increased creativity and problem-solving abilities. Embracing short health breaks can lead to a more innovative workforce that thinks outside the box and comes up with fresh ideas.


Company Culture:

The introduction of short health breaks supported by leadership can contribute to shaping a positive company culture. It demonstrates that the organization values its employees and their health, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment.


Flexibility and Remote Work:

As remote work and flexible work arrangements become more common, encouraging health breaks becomes even more critical. In virtual work settings, employees may face additional challenges related to isolation and boundary-setting, making health breaks essential for maintaining well-being.

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Adaptation to Changing Workforce Demographics:

The modern workforce consists of individuals from various age groups and backgrounds. Supporting health breaks acknowledges that different employees may have unique needs and preferences for managing their well-being.


Legal and Ethical Considerations:

In some regions, labor laws may require employers to provide regular breaks to employees. Embracing short health breaks aligns companies with legal requirements and ethical responsibilities toward their workforce.


As the future of work continues to evolve, it is essential for organizations to recognize the value of employee health and well-being.

By supporting short health breaks, leadership can create a positive and productive work environment that benefits both the employees and the company as a whole.

Let's all be leaders of health for a better future starting today.


Sean Nichols

Founder and Lead Coach of Add Health