Hip Pain, Ergonomic Health at Work,

Low Back Exercise.


When we sit often whether driving, working or just lounging around at home, our hip muscles get stiff and tighten up.

This can cause pain and tension throughout the body including the low back.


Taking a break during the day to stand up and stretch these areas out can help you manage or even prevent these common ergonomic injuries.

And of course taking a break to stand, breathe and stretch has significant mental health benefits as well.


This standing stretch, goes single leg, adding balance training into the hips and low back stretch.

Follow these cues as you practice:

- squeeze your abs for improved balance

- focus your eyes on a still spot in front of you

- relax shoulders and slow your breath


Practicing this quick hip flexor and low back stretch should help you improve balance and loosen up ergonomic tension.




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Other great resources to help back pain are McGills Big 3

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